Recycling protects our environment


High value granules & compounds for your products


High quality granules & compounds from PS, ABS, PP


We reduce your ecological footprint

Plastic recycling is acting on behalf of the environment!

From plastic waste to valuable resource!

Welcome to bage plastics GmbH!

We are a leading Austrian recycling company and we have specialized in the recycling of plastic waste deriving from small domestic electronic appliances. Old plastic waste is recovered and reprocessed  into high-value plastic granules andcompounds, which are in no way inferior to plastic virgin materials.

We are recycling in a closed loop!

We separate old plastic waste at our modern separation plants and we process them by extrusion into high-quality granules and compounds from PS, ABS, PP for the plastic processing industry. We have introduced own strict quality inspection procedures, which make it possible to analyse the quality and the level of purity of the plastic materials during the whole production process. Therefore our recyclates are comparable to plastic virgin material and reach the same quality and processability as during primary production. That’s what we call recycling in the full sense of the word!

As a result, our granules can be used again for the production of complex products and applications in the electronic industry, closing this way our recycling loop.


High quality plastics for premium products.


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