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High quality granules & compounds from PS, ABS, PP


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About us

bage plastics is an Austrian innovative plastic recycling company which has specialized in the recycling of shredded fridge plastic and which ranks among the biggest European fridge recyclers.

Every year we recycle plastic deriving from more than 6 million dirscarded fridges at our plants in Austria and process it into high-value granules and compounds from PS, ABS, PP.

At our German plant in Großschirma we also process every year about 20,000 tons  of plastic deriving from small electronic domestic appliances and recover them into high-quality PS, ABS und PP granules and compounds .

The main idea and aim of our business it that old waste plastic can be processed and repurposed for the same or similar product that it used to be. We produce a variety of standard granules from PS, ABS, PP, as well as specific compounds according to your requirements. Our products are suitable for extrusion or injection moulding.

Our recyclates replace virgin materials by up to 100%, this means that our customers can considerably reduce the costs of their raw material and also produce in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

Our vision is that “plastic recycling is acting on behalf of the environment“.

That´s why we see our mission as supporting a closed loop economy, by maximazing recycling and recovery of materials and by minimizing waste and reducing the environmental footprint.