High quality plastics for superior products!

Our company policy

We have made it our goal to provide our customers with plastic granulate of consistently top quality. Our quality principles describe our corporate culture and how we achieve our objectives:

· Customer loyalty: Our customers should value our quality, flexibility and reliability in our daily collaboration and should adopt us as their standard supplier.

· Sustainable partnerships: Our suppliers should be happy to supply us as reliable, dependable partners. We hold our suppliers to the same high quality standards that we demand of ourselves.

· Employees in focus: Our employees should be pleased to work for bage plastics and value the open and family-like working environment. Mutually respectful interaction is a prerequirement for long-lasting success. Our employees should feel as if they are part of the bage family and independently suggest changes and improvements. Each individual is an important part of our success.

· Continuous improvement: Improvements should be suggested by every employee. The implemented improvement secures our market position, helps us remain competitive and secures future jobs.

· Innovation: Profits stay within the company by and large and are used to invest in the future. Investments are indispensable in a competitive field that is seeing extensive growth, if we are going to remain competitive in future.

· Quality management: Our processes and guidelines are based on international standards, customer requirements, our knowledge and our experience. Complying with them provides the foundation of our quality.