Premium granules & compounds from PS, ABS, PP for your products!

We are for the environment

Plastic recycling is acting on behalf of the environment!
We see ourselves as part of a global, ecological integrated system and want to make a contribution to maintaining the ecological balance through our own daily action. Protecting the environment is therefore an integral component of our company policy. This is reflected in it being integrated into the quality management system.
We make it our goal, through constant improvement, well-thought-out processes and the economic and technical options at our disposal, to reduce the environmental impact of our actions to a minimum. Our responsibility in dealing with the environment and natural resources requires that we identify and assess our significant environmental aspects as well as the fulfilment of established environmental objectives and programmes and that we review them based on measurable properties.

Plastic has become indispensable to our everyday life. Product innovations in various areas, as well a constantly increasing world population continue to drive the demand for the raw material plastic upward. At the same time however, fossil raw materials are becoming ever scarcer. The recycling-industry will become more and more important in the future and recycled materials will give plastic a more positive image among the population in future.
bage recognised the important significance of recycling and sustainable action early on and adopted the slogan “Recycling is acting on behalf of the environment”, doing justice to the development world-wide. With our business model, we are making a valuable contribution to the conservation of natural resources by returning plastic waste to the materials cycle.

Our recycling process & products: a refrigerator yesterday, a coffee maker today
At our recycling plants in Wolfern near Steyr, the plastic waste from cooling appliance processing is first shredded and washed, then the plastics are separated completely by various physical separation processes that divide them from other waste materials such as metal, wood or dust. Then, the mono-material is dried, melted in the last production step and then re-granulated using an extruder.
The result is mono-material plastic re-granulate and compounds made of PS, ABS, PP, PC-ABS. Depending on the formula and the customer’s wishes, we can incorporate additional additives during the “compounding” manufacturing process. This allows material properties such as break strength, impact resistance or colour to be set and thereby adapted to the customer’s technical requirements. Our customers are plastic processors who then use our products to make office articles, sanitary articles, electronic devices, and more. Our products can replace new raw materials 100%, regardless of what product you make from them.
A high-grade plastic re-granulate is thus made from recycled plastic that comes from old refrigerators, and it is used in turn to manufacture new plastic products. An old refrigerator is, for example, turned into a new coffee maker in this process.

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