bage rABS

bage rABS stands out for its high post-consumer recycled content, good impact strength and high gloss.
New standards were also achieved with the development of the post-consumer ABS recyclate UL 94 with UL Yellow Card certification. This new material can now be used worldwide for electronic applications such as WiFi routers, coffee machines, printers, shavers, hoovers and the like.bage rABS also preserves the environment. According to a study, the post-consumer recycled ABS produced by bage plastics generates 81% lower CO2 emissions than virgin.

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Our Certificate

All our products comply with the REACH & ROHS directives as well as the EC regulation (EU) 2019/1021.



Electronics, household appliances (e.g. refrigerator, washing machine), housings for electronic appliances, electronic equipment.

Product example

bage ABS RFRI 8580 C9005 (R200540) UL 94 HB
PCR content
85.5 %
  • Free of flame retardants
  • Achieves the highest quality class PLC 0 in the high-voltage arc test
  • Glow wire temperature (GWIT) of above 700°
WLAN routers, coffee machines, printers, shavers, hoovers, etc.
Special features
UL YELLOW CARD certificate for worldwide use
bage rABS R200680 ABS RFHI RAL7035 light grey
PCR content
92 %
excellent impact resistant ABS
Suitable for a wide range of electronic applications