bage compounds


bage plastics has specialized in the development of customized compounded, engineered resins that can adapted to suit a wide range of applications for different industries, such as sport & leisure industry, automotive, electronic, household and construction, building, and many more. Tell us about your project and help us making plastic more sustainable!

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Our Certificate

All our products comply with the REACH & ROHS directives as well as the EC regulation (EU) 2019/1021.

As recycler and compounder, bage plastics has complete control over every step of the plastic separation, so that highest regrind purity can be reached. Highest and constant purity of the input stream represents a main requirement in the development of customized engineered recycled resins. 

In the last few years bage plastics has successfully developed various customized recipes made of 100% post- consumer recycled plastic. Our portfolio includes post-consumer recycled Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (rABS), high-impact Polystyrene (rHIPS), as well as Polypropylene (rPP).

Our expert team will assist you in the development of PCR resins that are precisely tailored to your requirements. Additives will be used to achieve or improve the desired properties.

bage compounds provide qualitatively equivalent performance to virgin plastics while being environmentally friendly and sustainable.