Sustainable, recycled granules by bage plastics with excellent carbon footprint

21. January 2022

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Post-consumer recycled ABS made by bage plastics produces 81% less CO2 emissions than virgin ABS, according to the latest research conducted by bage plastics together with independent experts.  

The study results even exceed previous assumptions: the rABS produced by bage plastics GmbH in St. Marien  (Austria) has a carbon footprint of 0,59 kg CO2-equivalent per kg of rABS, while the so-called virgin ABS produces 3,10 kg CO2-equivalent per kg ABS[1].  bage plastics rABS reduces therefore greenhouse gas emissions by 81% compared to virgin ABS. The analysis also revealed similar carbon saving for recycled high-impact polystyrene in comparison to virgin polystyrene.

The carbon footprint of both post-consumer rABS and rPS granules from bage plastics was calculated according to the ”Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard (GHG Protocol[2])” and by using the “cradle-to-customer” approach. This approach takes into account the emissions along the following life cycle phases: extraction and preprocessing of raw materials, sorting, extrusion and compounding,  as well as the delivery of the product up to the customer’s factory gate.

We can help you reduce the carbon footprint of your plastic products!

bage plastics is an innovative recycling company that has committed itself to the circular economy and to the development of sustainable plastic products. With three locations in Austria and Germany, bage plastics produces over 30,000 tons of high-value recycled plastic granules from PS, ABS, PP and PC/ABS for applications in extrusion and injections molding. These high-grade recycled polymers can be used as replacements for virgin plastics or can be combined with virgin materials to produce high-tech products with recycled content.

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[1] Reference: Value for an EMEA ABS, source: Plastics Europe.

[2] In addition to the ISO standards 14064 and 14067, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol is one of the internationally accepted standards in this area. The methodology and approaches are very closely related to one another.

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