bage post-consumer PC/ABS blend with 90% recycled content

25. September 2023

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bage PC/ABS

bage plastics expands its portfolio with an innovative post-consumer recycled PC/ABS blend, which combines the good visual and mechanical properties of both materials. 

bage plastics has announced the launch of a post-consumer PC/ABS blend with 90% recycled content composed of both post-consumer ABS and polycarbonate that have been mechanically recycled.

Despite the highest recycled content, bage PC/ABS stands out for its extremely glossy surface and its scratch resistance. Furthermore, the material has excellent mechanical properties, especially high stiffness and strength.

All these properties make bage PC/ABS perfect for thin-walled applications in the electronics sector, such as monitors. In general, bage PC/ABS can be used in a number of injection moulding applications in the electronics and automotive industries.

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