bage plastics.


What was founded in 2011 as a small trading company for plastics, has developed over the course of a decade into one of the leading companies as far as recycled post-consumer plastics is concerned: bage plastics GmbH with headquarters in Upper Austria. Now the company has 140 employees at three locations and a turnover of about 30 million euros.

30,000 tonnes of granulate annually

About 6.5 million refrigerators are recycled annually. The old appliances are supplied from all over Europe. In shredded form. Using technologies and processes developed in-house, around 30,000 tonnes of high-quality post-consumer granulates are produced in Germany and Austria today and delivered all over the world.

World market leaders from a wide range of industries trust in the products of bage plastics. Because they know: the quality of the recyclates is excellent.

Sustainability, research and development

Despite all the success, special attention is paid to the areas of research and development. Always with the aim of even greater conservation of resources, to further reduce the CO2 footprint through bage plastics polymers. 

“Concern for the world’s climate is making people more aware of recycling,” Managing Director Philipp Baum argues. “And for recycling, plastic is perfect. No other material can be recycled so often. For many products, plastic is without alternative. It cannot be replaced by anything and is therefore extremely valuable”.

Customised solutions

Today, the company is known for its customer-oriented, tailor-made solutions for a variety of applications. Extrusion lines can be adapted to the respective requirements. Recipes can be modified according to customer requirements.

bage plastics.


We have made it our goal to offer our customers plastic pellets of the highest, consistent quality. Our quality principles describe our corporate culture and the means by which we achieve our goals: 

Customer loyalty

Our customers should be able to value our quality, flexibility and reliability in their daily cooperation and accept us as a permanent supplier.

Sustainable partnerships

Our suppliers should be happy to serve us as reliable and secure partners. We set the same high quality standards for our suppliers as we do for ourselves.

Focus on employees

Our employees should enjoy working for bage plastics and be able to value the open and informal way in which they are treated. Mutual respect is a prerequisite for long-term success. We want our employees to feel as though they are part of the bage family and are able to initiate changes and improvements on their own. Each individual is an important part of our success.

Continuous improvement

Improvements should be initiated by every employee. Every implemented improvement secures our position in the market and enables us to remain competitive and to secure jobs in the future.

Innovative strength

Profits remain largely within the company and are used to invest in the future. In a competitive, fast-growing environment, investments are indispensable in order to remain competitive in the future.

Quality management

Our processes and guidelines are based on international standards, customer requirements, our knowledge and experience. Their compliance is the basis for our quality.

Our Code of Conduct

As a globally active company, acting responsibly and sustainably towards our business partners and our environment is crucial to building long-term partnerships based on the trust of our customers, employees, suppliers and other partners. 

The bage plastics Code of Conduct summarises important basic rules and principles as an orientation framework in a document that is binding for us both today and in the future. These basic rules make demands on ourselves, and are simultaneously a promise of responsible behavior towards business partners and the environment, as well as in interaction with each other within the company.

Our Certificates

Below you find bage plastics certificates wich apply to our products or facilities. 


bage plastics has met the required standards for certification under the EuCertPlast

ISO 9001 & 14001

bage plastics applies a management system in line with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

Unsere Zertifikate

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bage plastics hat die erforderlichen Standards für die Zertifizierung nach EuCertPlast erfüllt.

ISO 9001 & 14001

bage plastics wendet ein Managementsystem gemäß ISO 9001:2015 und ISO 14001:2015 an.